Legal Forms – A Part of the Legal Machine

Legislators and attorneys and other professions involved in the legal machine all have their place in the creation of legal forms. The structure of this finely tuned machine begins with the simplest profession and goes all the way up to the supreme court.

Law clerks typically process paper work and do research. They do not typically fill out or file legal forms, they may be required to check legal forms that have been filed for accuracy, but they do not fill the forms themselves nor do they prepare them. Law clerks are different that court clerks. Law clerks, clerk for judges and attorneys. They review the law and research specific case law and prepare reports for the judges and the attorneys they work for. Some of the people in this profession are actually lawyers. Law clerks that are lawyers typically do not file these documents or partake in any other activity normal to the occupation. Instead, they operate in the same way that non attorney law clerks do, but usually work for the higher courts.

Clerks of court typically handle the day to day business of the court for which they work. They process legal forms for filing, handle real estate forms for filing (deed of trust etc.) keep the court calendars, process fines and fees. They keep the court records in order and provide other administrative services for the court. They can not dispense legal advice derecho al olvido.

Paralegals, do file legal forms and review these for accuracy. They usually focus on client intake information and insure that the attorneys office runs smoothly. They also provide legal research and case law research to attorneys. They can not dispense legal advise. They prepare and file all types of legal matters under the supervision of an attorney.

Attorneys are officers of the court and are expected to act in an ethical manner. They practice law, they too file legal forms and in some instances prosecute criminals for the state. Some attorneys practice defense law and defend people accused of crimes. Each court has a specific purpose and attorneys that practice specific law. In any case an attorneys day is filled with filing legal forms and meeting with people to discuss legal matters.

Judges are advocates of the law and typically were attorneys at one time. They decide cases that are being heard in court and make decisions regarding the process of up holding the law. Judges depend on law clerks and other court employees to keep their calendars and provide them with accurate research. They do not dispense legal advice to the general public but instead save their opinions for the court room

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